Bowers & Wilkins launches 5th generation of 600 Series:


For over 20 years one loudspeaker range has done more to push the frontiers of affordable hi-fi performance than any other: The 600 Series. Each generation of this exceptional line-up has defined newclass standards for sound quality and technical accomplishment, fusing cutting-edge components with a purist configuration to deliver exceptional performance for any buyer and any budget.

And now, it’s time to raise the bar yet again.

From the beginning of April 2014, the 600 S5 goes on sale. The 5th generation of 600 Series is even more remarkable than its illustrious forebears.



Bowers & Wilkins

686 S2



A 5in 2-way system that harks back to the winning configuration of classic 600 Series speakers of old. It’s narrower but taller than the outgoing 686 and incorporates a front-firing port and higher overall sensitivity.





Bowers & Wilkins

685 S2



The latest version of the definitive affordable audiophile loudspeaker remains a 6.5in 2-way system. Slightly slimmer than the old model, it delivers exceptional sound quality.





Bowers & Wilkins

684 S2



An elegantly proportioned compact floor stander, the new 684 S2 2-way 5in configuration allows for an enclosure some 39mm narrower than the outgoing model.






Bowers & Wilkins

683 S2



As with its forebear, the new 683 S2 is a true 3-way design with a 6in FST midrange and 6.5in bass drive units. Slimmer than the outgoing 683, it includes performance enhancements to all of its drive units.




Bowers & Wilkins

HTM62 S2


A 2-way 5in system, this centre speaker’s overall height has been reduced and its tweeter moved upwards in the enclosure to provide better integration with taller loudspeakers.




R7,390 each

Bowers & Wilkins

HTM61 S2



The true 3-way HTM61 S2 features two 6.5-in bass drivers plus a smaller FST midrange. The perfect partner for the 683, it delivers truly exceptional performance.



R11,990 each

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Elite Screens - Aeon Series

Aeon Series The Aeon Series is a fixed frame projection screen that uses Elite’s EDGE FREE® technology. The EDGE FREE® design resembles a giant size flat panel TV display. The Aeon includes velvet tape as an installation option to further enhance the overall appearance.


  • Aluminium lightweight split-frame design
  • Stretches over frame for a tight-tensioned flat surface
  • Easy to assemble and install in minutes
  • Smaller footprint maximizes viewing area
  • EDGE FREE® or install ultra-thin velvet tape trim



dbx - 500 Series

Now Available! The Best Products with the Best Pricing without the Compromise dbx is proud to now offer five 500 Series recording studio signal processors! dbx has a long and venerated past with modular processors dating back to our classic 900 Series, which are still mainstays in many professional recording studios. Our 500 Series processors continue that tradition and include the 560A Compressor/Limiter, 530 Parametric EQ, 580 Mic Pre, 520 De-Esser and 510 Subharmonic Synth. In additon to offering the best of dbx's processing, the dbx 500 series offer the best pricing in the industry! For more Information about these products, visit



 Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Vocal Microphone

The 5575LE is the 75th anniversary limited edition version of the iconic 55 Unidyne® cardioid dynamic vocal microphone, produced to celebrate its rich and storied cultural legacy. A sublime recreation for collectors, the serialized limited edition 5575LE stands as a powerful statement of the Shure legacy for all on-stage performance.




  New JBL EON 600 Series


JBL VTX Series
Introducing the new dbx676 Tube Microphone Preamp Channel Strip!
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